Samantha Andersson
Samantha Andersson

Samantha Anderson – Busty minx in a body that actively removed in various pornography and efficiently manifests itself in many varieties of sex. Fatty shows that ladies in the body can be desirable objects to the opposite sex. And her natural Breasts seventh of the size of many men crazy. Also there are so many porn videos of Samantha having fun with the girls and willingly engaged in hot lesbian pleasures. She is now over forty years, so the last time Anderson actively rotates in pornography – "mother", where the fat simply has no equal. In its own way it teaches young boys great fuck, and sometimes shows males Mature, passionate woman that should be plenty. Oh and very important, what about their appearance Samantha has no inferiority complex.

Was born next porn diva to the USA in 1969. Her most famous pseudonym - Samantha 38G under which it is popular all over the world. Well, almost all pornography with her participation, the emphasis is on her big milkings, which often support the trunks and make the males hot Masturbation. Well, it's not enough, it would be foolish not to use the full program such a large "dignity" as a seventh boob size. In a cap she is also actively Lupita, plus .. a big butt and lesbian pleasures, which have already been recalled. Oh, and for ladies over forty, 38G looks good, her face is well preserved. Also interesting are the porn videos where the chick has fun with other fatties, it all looks very exciting and colorful. And beauty we all have completely different views, many men love of donuts, and nothing wrong with that, as they say: do these ladies really have something to grab on to. And not every man can satisfy a fat lady in bed, who are always more fussy, plus not all items can be try into force of the Constitution. More about Samantha Anderson should be noted that it often appears in the form of nurses, teachers and women whom many men involves a lot of sexual fantasies. Well these "fancy" 38G gorgeous implements.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 29.03.1969
  • Lugar de nacimiento: United States
  • Vídeos: 20
  • Altura: 165
  • Peso: 82
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