Katja Kassin
Katja Kassin

Katja Kassin – German porn diva with an incredibly work in the rear hole. And that skilful numbers of hollows and brought the German kata worldwide popularity and fame. Generally very hard to find a porn video with her participation, where it would, no anal pleasures. Also Cassino a lover of group sex and orgies she often participates. In General, males love her to thrash all lustful slits, and we love to watch it and get varied emotions and experiences.

Minx was born in Leipzig (GDR) in 1979. Real name is Ute Ebert. In the strawberry came in 2000, when she was twenty-one years. Initially posed Nude for the famous men's magazines and starred in easy sensuality and pornography. But all this did not bring her a large income and this implementation. But fate gave her a chance to show myself in 2003, Kate met with drew Barrymore, already a famous porn-diva, who advises her to try out a more fierce strawberry and shares a few contacts. Kassin took a chance and it turned out that a hardcore fuck is her genre. And after a couple of months she met with mark Spielberg and engaged in its promotion. Spielberg was able to advance their pupils in American pornography, where she found a place. And since 2003 her career has sharply gone up, Katya began to actively act, to obtain good earnings and has gained worldwide popularity. Three years she languished in the Amateur soft-core, but the most important thing that Belle could glorify a fortune by the tail and still she would not let go. By the end of 2014 Kassin has appeared in over 700 videos and pictures adult, full-length movies with her a lot more than a hundred, and this wonderful performance. Now the chick is removed a lot less than a couple of years ago, but it was time to retire she has no plans. The hollow remained perfectly withstands high loads and can handle even the largest trunks.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 24.09.1979
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Germany, Leipzig
  • Vídeos: 14
  • Altura: 155
  • Peso: 55
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Katja Kassin en Twitter: KatjaK4u

I got my Paragard IUD put in today. Feels a little funny but not too bad. Should have ditched hormonal birth control a long time ago

02:40, 07.12.2017

Took me 2 hours to get the baby to bed. Who would have thought that going to sleep is such a hard skill to learn? #momlife #newbaby

08:46, 06.12.2017

Baby weights over 9lbs now & it's actually quite a workout to carry baby during a 45 minute walk.

09:25, 05.12.2017

Going for walks, baby carrying and breastfeeding have already been helpful but I'm ready for more cardio. Weights… http://t.co/iX9z3YlbdO

09:24, 05.12.2017

I got a recumbent bike for home & officially did my first cardio session today. Time to lose the rest of the pregnancy weight. 30lbs to go.

09:23, 05.12.2017

Getting a copper IUD put in on Wednesday. First timer & I wonder if I should be nervous. Breastfeeding duties have… http://t.co/N75leZcwIY

09:42, 04.12.2017

The premonition... http://t.co/wr6drYu8cM

08:23, 02.12.2017

My German porn star friend Ana Nova will tour Boston Dec 4-6 & NYC Dec 7+8. If you want to connect with her email p… http://t.co/Pn1Ihorkl8

07:49, 02.12.2017

Also never inquired about people's zodiac either.

06:49, 02.12.2017

I don't know because I never asked any of my coworkers about their gender identities. I just did the scene with the… http://t.co/vHpTRzYuYA

06:46, 02.12.2017

Even though I'm not quite ready to go back to work yet I filled out 2 applications. Let's see what'll come out of it

21:34, 28.11.2017

Baby just doesn't believe in night time sleeping. Screaming like a murder victim is way more fun. #TeamNoSleep continues

19:52, 26.11.2017

Baby decided at 5am to go on a screaming rampage & the only way to calm them is to carry baby around #TeamNoSleep

17:24, 24.11.2017

You don't get out much with a newborn but thankfully I have a cool Filipino neighbor who invited us over for karaoke.

08:21, 24.11.2017

My husband is hanging the stockings above the fireplace. Baby is sleeping peacefully in my lap. Puppy is snoozing next to me #IAmThankful

00:07, 24.11.2017

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

00:03, 24.11.2017

And I thought grad school was hard.

02:26, 23.11.2017

Baby has colic. It's gonna be a crying and screaming situation for the next month or two. Other than that nothing w… http://t.co/guq6gORNB4

02:26, 23.11.2017

Going to see the pediatrician because the baby has been crying non stop for the past week.

23:13, 22.11.2017

6 weeks post partum. I'm officially cleared to have sex again. But the dr told me I need hernia surgery when I'm done breastfeeding.

03:19, 21.11.2017

I don't know what this "bouncing back" is. I'm just glad I can go to the bathroom again without popping a handful of stool softeners.

21:53, 17.11.2017

I'm not super excited about the appearance of my c-section scar. I grew out my pubic hair & guess gonna have to wea… http://t.co/dGK8g9Aq4B

21:51, 17.11.2017

My wedding ring finally fits again. I started losing the pregnancy weight & swelling is going down. (But at a frust… http://t.co/TIBoAk23Ir

21:50, 17.11.2017

I went from 1/3 of an ounce (10ml) to 3 oz (90 ml) in a month. And that's from after the baby already ate.… http://t.co/jzitPTeGqX

06:19, 17.11.2017

Baby let me sleep a whole 4 hours last night. Big improvement. But crying/fussiness is still in full swing

19:25, 16.11.2017

I slept 3 consecutive hours last night. Sounds like nothing but that's a big improvement. Baby is still colicky cry… http://t.co/rPX6KTRRaO

04:55, 16.11.2017

Who wants a signed 8x10 high quality photo ($15) or a signed DVD ($25)? Let me know.

21:40, 15.11.2017

I'm sending out signed DVD for $25 Amazon gift card or signed 8x10 for $15 gift card (US only).

23:40, 13.11.2017
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