James Deen
James Deen

Bryan Matthew Sevilla (born February 7, 1986), better known by his stage name James Deen, is an American pornographic actor and Director. In pornography Brian came at 18 years of age, drawing the attention of Directors on their difference from the traditional appearance of pornomodeli. 1880 worked in films as an actor and 22 - as a Director.

James Dean was born and raised in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California. Father is a mechanical engineer at the jet propulsion Laboratory, the mother is an electronic engineer. James studied at the College of Pasadena, and after school he sold coffee in "Starbucks" in the next two years.

Early in his career, the actor worked with female partners older than himself. One angel Joanna was his girlfriend for six years until they broke up in 2010. In July 2013 pornographic actress Standing in one interview said that she also met James Dean. Brian is an army of fans teen girls, as a rule, not associated with the porn industry. the

In 2009 James Deen was nominated as "Male performer of the year" by Adult Video News at the age of 22, he became the youngest actor who has received this award. James Deen admits the actor of the calibre of Ryan Gosling. Bryan Matthew Sevilla, perhaps the most promising talent of the new generation in American porn is removed very much (more than 1500 films, an excellent result for the young actor, because he's not yet thirty). Such an attitude is not badly paid (about $20 000 per month) and is rapidly increasing audience of fans of adult cinema, which I love insanely talented actor.

Ethnic James Deen and Jewish adherents of Judaism. He likes to joke: "the Jews know we're better than everyone else."

The actor tried his hand in a conventional cinema. He played a major role in a feature film Paul Schrader's "the Canyons". The script for the film wrote a favorite of Martin Scorsese, Bret Easton – Ellis. And partner James was Lindsay Lohan. Along with acting James Dean is engaged in the directing, leads cooking shows, gives lectures about his life and safe sex in American colleges.

James Dean dreamed about a career of pornoaktrisa with kindergarten and moving decisively towards achieving its goals.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 07.02.1986
  • Lugar de nacimiento: United States, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California
  • Vídeos: 51
  • Altura: 170
  • Peso: 68
James Deen en Twitter: jamesdeen

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19:40, 14.11.2017

Such a big internet and I still can’t find anything on it that’s interesting other than porn

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I spent my day fucking my friends wife up the ass on camera and it was god damn glorious

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Man these are good ideas... if only some rebel’s who hated tea thought of them

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19:40, 13.11.2017

When a man says no to champagne, he says no to life

06:11, 13.11.2017

Like a rock. Like a planet. Like a fucking atom bomb!!!!!!!!

01:38, 13.11.2017

basically every problem in the world could be solved by eliminated 30 percent of the human population

23:12, 12.11.2017

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06:19, 12.11.2017

friday morning looks sunny and bright like it's going to be a good day and it would be if only you had a job

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you're thinking that maybe you're feeling better and you're probably an ok person... if only you had a job

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Dance and laugh and play. Ignore the message we convey. Seems I’m only here entertain

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01:36, 11.11.2017

my oatmeal has far too much meal and not nearly enough oat

21:51, 10.11.2017

cobra on my left, leopard on my right

21:32, 10.11.2017

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00:46, 10.11.2017

I don’t care how controversial this statement is, I’m Fucking saying it.... CON AIR IS THE GREATEST MOVIE MADE.... EVER!!!!!!!!!

21:58, 09.11.2017

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21:00, 09.11.2017

I preferred when progression politics were dictated by weed and psychedelics opposed to Xanax and self loathing

18:39, 09.11.2017

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21:00, 08.11.2017

if i'm not supposed to light things on fire then why the fuck is everything about fire so god damn awesome?

20:43, 08.11.2017

This is the strangest life I’ve ever known

06:11, 08.11.2017

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Squad http://t.co/NrgZFTPIsu

07:43, 07.11.2017

One of the only things that gets to me in this world is that I’m really shitty at anagrams

23:11, 06.11.2017

Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die!!!

21:28, 06.11.2017

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21:00, 06.11.2017


19:19, 06.11.2017

I’ve been spending way too much time today debating with myself about if I should order a pizza or not

01:03, 06.11.2017

i am very pleased with comic book movies as of late.

21:27, 05.11.2017

But what do you define as “the toilet seat”?????

09:03, 05.11.2017

It’s great to live in an era where you can walk into a Starbucks to hear a song about doing heroin casually playing

03:38, 05.11.2017

More than Britney Spears songs, I enjoy ironic covers of Britney Spears songs

01:08, 05.11.2017

We’ll sing and dance and we’ll find romance and we’ll stroll to the edge of the world

23:58, 04.11.2017

she said "make the pretty noises for me" then shoved her foot down my throat... coming to http://t.co/jJmyEuf1Uy :-)

21:03, 04.11.2017

I’m jealous of my cats because they’ll never know what the irs is

09:22, 04.11.2017

48 with the hairline of a 22 year old @mikequasar

08:56, 04.11.2017

God damnit!!!!!! I got barbecue sauce in my ear..... again

05:36, 04.11.2017

fuck all y'all!!!!!!! just acting like harambe never existed!!!!!!!!!

23:18, 03.11.2017

one person's "porn" is another person's food... literally, there is someone out there who will jack off to images of what you ate for lunch

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if you meet someone who doesn't like the yeah yeah yeahs, DON'T DATE THAT PERSON!!!!!!!!

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Fuck you. pay me!!!!! :-)

17:15, 02.11.2017

Diamonds are forever

08:12, 02.11.2017

My phone updated itself... it has no new capabilities but now the battery only lasts 45 minutes. THANKS APPLE!!!!!!!!

03:26, 02.11.2017

I’m going to start carrying a bag of “hypocrisy sand” so I have something to throw at people when they are being hypocritical fungus tools

22:40, 01.11.2017

Dental floss is so glorious

22:22, 01.11.2017

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20:00, 01.11.2017

i lost one of my coffee mugs... it wasn't my favorite mug, or even one i care about. i'm just annoyed that i lost track of something

18:00, 01.11.2017

Hannibal buress is funny as fuck. I would totally allow him to take over my twitter for a day

03:26, 01.11.2017

To celebrate Halloween I’m going to have sex for money then go to sleep at 6pm #dadlife #yourdadisaho

21:00, 31.10.2017

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17:41, 31.10.2017

She’s a princess http://t.co/vZleFzSPRK

06:39, 31.10.2017

I could totally see how a lot of the things I do could be misconstrued as being cocky, but really... I’m just incre… http://t.co/pfvPyXdxgW

22:47, 30.10.2017

New post: http://t.co/Q3bbBHc7UT Has Found It’s New Love http://t.co/d7JOIKfIeD

20:00, 30.10.2017

I judge people on their musical taste before their political position

19:17, 30.10.2017

I’m wearing a go fuck yourself hat. I’d tag that chick behind me but her Instagram was deleted http://t.co/DgAUJX8rgh

03:15, 30.10.2017

I hate the ku klux klan.... but I fucking love alliteration #lifeishardsometimes

00:24, 30.10.2017

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16:31, 29.10.2017

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07:06, 29.10.2017

The meyerowitz stories (new and selected).... I think I like this movie

06:48, 29.10.2017

i can't wait until the day where i have enough money to randomly buy @danadearmond gifts

04:08, 29.10.2017

this is like the 5th day in a row that http://t.co/hzgcRZhrPd has performed better than http://t.co/jJmyEuf1Uy ..… http://t.co/RFdJPDJCrR

01:53, 29.10.2017

"you're the type of person who's parents only love them because they have to"

22:15, 28.10.2017

mug mug mug

20:16, 28.10.2017

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17:25, 28.10.2017

Ace.............. of............... base!!!!!!!!!

05:58, 28.10.2017

I’m still amazed on a daily basis at how many adult drivers don’t know stop sign protocol

04:30, 28.10.2017

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20:00, 27.10.2017

I feel like causing some drama on the internet... this statement will probably work. “There are two type of people… http://t.co/TdWj7tMi0L

19:09, 27.10.2017

Let it be said here and now. When I die, throw my body into the la brea tar pits!!!!! http://t.co/BFBE28s1Bk

03:39, 27.10.2017

I will always out slut all the sluts... not that it’s a competition. I’m just REALLY fucking slutty

03:31, 27.10.2017

Sluts are so fucking cool!!!!!!!

03:30, 27.10.2017

There’s still time!!!!! Check it out!!! Unless you hate @Abella_Danger http://t.co/QiOLptn8jK

22:35, 26.10.2017

Hey.... I’ve had sex in that church parking lot!!!!!

21:18, 26.10.2017

Is food without bacon in it even food at all

20:59, 26.10.2017

New post: The Saddest Face In All The Land http://t.co/6UfABYIHo4

20:00, 26.10.2017

I never have felt more cool or giddy as when @hollyrandall says that she thinks I’m cool. THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU CO… http://t.co/B2Jwdn9g4P

02:56, 26.10.2017

We dance to all the wrong songs. We enjoy all the wrong moves. We are not leading

02:24, 26.10.2017

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20:00, 25.10.2017

Follower count/7442000000 = sit down and shut up you useless insignificant spec of humanity . . . . . . . Yes I recognize the irony

18:33, 25.10.2017

When pandering to people on the internet please remember there are over 7 billion people in this world. Then do the… http://t.co/rxPV0ObEhZ

18:28, 25.10.2017

There was a guy.... an underwater guy who controlled the sea

18:19, 25.10.2017

You are not special. You’re not a beautiful unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic… http://t.co/T5dHdCqLuy

06:34, 25.10.2017

New post: Ryan Conner’s Asshole Has My Heart http://t.co/123BJLJwno

20:00, 24.10.2017

i wonder if god believes in me

18:21, 24.10.2017

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07:43, 24.10.2017

I never feel like more of a whore than when I accept any mainstream project..... keep in mind that my day job is to… http://t.co/yUCzFzCouE

05:04, 24.10.2017

I’m trying to get my friend investigated by the fbi so I send him pictures of Timothy mcveigh as often as possible

04:18, 24.10.2017

And I’m going to be drunk til the next time I’m drunk http://t.co/Jvzs0PNgNF

02:37, 24.10.2017

Throw my beer down the sink I got more in the trunk!!!!!!!

02:04, 24.10.2017

New post: FREE ABELLA DANGER FLESHLIGHT AND THE LAST DAY TO GET http://t.co/Q3bbBHc7UT FOR 50% OFF!!!!!!! http://t.co/pztj8jJJT9

20:00, 23.10.2017

me - "wait... are you going to fuck a horse?" her - "i mean... maybe if you washed it's dick, i don't know sure"

18:02, 23.10.2017

it's time to taste what you most fear

02:24, 22.10.2017

i really wish i still enjoyed doing drugs :-(

19:18, 21.10.2017

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! i just realized that one day john waters is going to die... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18:14, 21.10.2017

Post Edited: #DANGERDAY With Abella Danger On http://t.co/Q3bbBHc7UT …. Again http://t.co/L6obITLgTg

17:32, 21.10.2017

does anyone know if mickey avalon is still alive?

16:48, 21.10.2017

Irreplaceable http://t.co/9JIeie538g

02:04, 21.10.2017

You call that a new way of thinking I call it regression to ignorance

21:43, 20.10.2017

If that’s what they call normal then I’d rather be insane

21:16, 20.10.2017

New post: #DANGERDAY With Abella Danger On http://t.co/Q3bbBHc7UT …. Again http://t.co/L6obITLgTg

20:00, 20.10.2017

http://t.co/XK0Cxb3Nna brings you @Abella_Danger and her asshole for the biggest #dangerday of all time!!!!!!! http://t.co/bHx7OkHN1o

18:41, 20.10.2017

All I know... is that there were rumors he was into field hockey players. There were rumors!!!!! He was gone the ne… http://t.co/A8O3L1vKdL

04:47, 20.10.2017

New post: James Deen And Phoenix Marie On http://t.co/s41k3TWqNI http://t.co/ZsmBgyRxED

20:00, 19.10.2017

holy shit!!!!! there is a KOURTNEY kardashian too??????

19:16, 19.10.2017

My companies training video is “mother goose rock and rhyme”

18:44, 19.10.2017

I told alexa to play imperial teen and instead it decided to play pavement... I like pavement more than imperial te… http://t.co/dw4xE6PWH6

17:37, 19.10.2017

If I was a villain in a movie, I would definitely make sure to NOT tell everyone my secret villain plan... also I’d… http://t.co/uKxzft4bbW

06:14, 19.10.2017
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