Ava Addams
Ava Addams

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 16.09.1979
  • Lugar de nacimiento: United States, Houston
  • Vídeos: 133
  • Altura: 160
  • Peso: 48
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Ava Addams en Twitter: @AvaAddams

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16:25, 16.11.2017

I've just got a new #fan! Get access to my unseen and exclusive content at http://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB http://t.co/WRT3CCOBaI

10:47, 16.11.2017

It’s that time 😀 http://t.co/WhsYcaDgh7

03:22, 16.11.2017

🔥 http://t.co/RVYW31aGyb

01:30, 16.11.2017

Hello #wednesday http://t.co/rLcLojCfnP

01:15, 16.11.2017

Haha yes! http://t.co/OJgpZ8rH98

01:11, 16.11.2017

Tongue on my clit...yes please! http://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

19:47, 15.11.2017

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16:02, 15.11.2017

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11:31, 15.11.2017

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10:02, 15.11.2017

I’m a girl so yes 😀 http://t.co/x6YnhVWFsQ

04:00, 15.11.2017

Couldn't decide which pair of over the knee boots I wanted so I ordered all 3 🙈🙊 No willpower when it comes to shoes!

03:41, 15.11.2017

😈 http://t.co/eZ6Y2g8TdT

23:53, 14.11.2017

#TuesdayThoughts Wouldn't mind this right now... http://t.co/rxLKzJXddz

22:02, 14.11.2017

#TuesdayThoughts http://t.co/il3pDEzeVR

19:39, 14.11.2017

Which one?! Burgundy Vs Red http://t.co/gutgUM5u0S

03:40, 14.11.2017

#MondayMotivation #WorldKindnessDay 😝 http://t.co/6wyIgWBOFU

01:18, 14.11.2017

#MondayMotivation I need a beach vacation! Preferably somewhere tropical and secluded! http://t.co/weHeWyN4I6

00:30, 14.11.2017

It was ok...last years’ show was so much better but yeah he did. http://t.co/yxSiApz76m

23:15, 13.11.2017

Guilty! http://t.co/vbtYGdHnfM

23:11, 13.11.2017

Good Afternoon! 😀 http://t.co/ysXROE5dGd

22:14, 13.11.2017

#WorldKindnessDay We could all use more kindness on the daily. Be kind to everyone, you never know what someone is going through! ❤️

20:40, 13.11.2017

Waking up to dick pics on here and IG like...that shit will ONLY get you blocked! Unless a girl asks or your sextin… http://t.co/fUsb5lpLjf

17:55, 13.11.2017

#MondayMotivation http://t.co/5mQJrGotdK

16:49, 13.11.2017

Sweet dreams 😈 http://t.co/rpwx4Eux36

07:47, 13.11.2017

Obviously if it posts here it's legit! #duh http://t.co/UHP9tqBHXN

03:32, 13.11.2017

Shower fresh clean! http://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

03:29, 13.11.2017

Lace...video on my Snapchat & only fans. Link in bio 😜 http://t.co/TH5SQaqKZ5

03:22, 13.11.2017

I'm French http://t.co/2ksQlc9MEE

02:33, 13.11.2017

of course! I just have a terrible accent when I speak it now because I've lived in the States for so long! http://t.co/oxfjoNDD4e

01:20, 13.11.2017

I'm so excited! 1 Week from today my grandma gets here all the way from France! #family #Holidays

01:16, 13.11.2017

Y'all asked for Lingerie worn in scenes : http://t.co/eSOI9bbsGH

00:54, 13.11.2017

I always feel better after yoga! #yogi #sundaymood #sundayselfie http://t.co/nBEq4Wmoq8

22:02, 12.11.2017

On here! Just keep checking! Will add new merch tomorrow! http://t.co/eSOI9bbsGH http://t.co/WYuUIL9GsG

19:13, 12.11.2017

Saw this trending #BoycottKeurig got nervous! Did some research...Sipping on my coffee, made with my Keurig, as I type. What nonsense!

18:25, 12.11.2017

Hello 😄 http://t.co/Wjzo2sVqJb

00:27, 12.11.2017

Ewwwww! Priorities people-brush your teeth! http://t.co/76lmnnCQGC

18:24, 11.11.2017

People apparently don’t know how to read 😂

00:00, 11.11.2017

Anyone else in #htown going to @gunsnroses tonight? I went last time they were here and it was fun-so decided to go back for round two!

23:39, 10.11.2017

well Masturbation does NOT make someone a slut. It's healthy and normal! BUT people should educate themselves befor… http://t.co/w7zgGQ9IY0

23:14, 10.11.2017

Thank you!!! Most Porn performers care about our health and the health of our on screen partners. We test a minimum… http://t.co/salZRgQmma

23:07, 10.11.2017

I'm NOT a slut. I do NOT sleep around with random dudes-I'm actually super picky! I just happen to get paid to fuck… http://t.co/iAllMQHfXO

22:59, 10.11.2017

First order of business...it’s leg day! #htown #rednation #rockets http://t.co/q7l5rdzHBi

18:43, 10.11.2017

🙌🏻 http://t.co/ugQ0pkuYKd

08:55, 10.11.2017

I’m a firm believer in one holiday at a time but this was for work...Santa hat = an Xmas scene #duh http://t.co/f3XnXpyYvs

08:50, 10.11.2017

Hello H-town! It's good to be home! And I'm loving this weather!

00:12, 10.11.2017

LA it’s been short but sweet but I can’t wait to be back in Htown tomorrow! #homesweethome

08:51, 09.11.2017

Sometimes I get to dress like a normal girl on set. even when I’m being a terrible mom! http://t.co/A4hArZLvci

08:26, 09.11.2017

Yes we are! http://t.co/9s06l26v9u

08:20, 09.11.2017

Good times! 🔥 scene coming at ya! http://t.co/cyxwUexaxm

08:20, 09.11.2017

When your nails match your hair... http://t.co/ncdBwTyvXz

20:40, 08.11.2017

Damn you got me beat by 2 😜 Yesterday was 🔥 though! http://t.co/ib5Z5FGWqj

20:26, 08.11.2017

Lookie lookie from yesterday 😜 http://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

17:19, 08.11.2017

Still on set...but it’s gona be 🔥 http://t.co/3umSYodKCB

05:26, 08.11.2017

Hello from set! http://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

00:57, 08.11.2017

Good Morning from LA my loves...on set today! http://t.co/e1FZT6PMKq

22:21, 07.11.2017

I wore my World Series Champs hat on the flight here and brought more stuff that I’ll wear proudly! #sorrynotsorry http://t.co/Ph50SabAJr

11:07, 07.11.2017

Good evening! I made it to LA! http://t.co/Ic0MCATnHV

09:03, 07.11.2017

🙌🏻 http://t.co/8y2e73mEPs

08:55, 07.11.2017

I get to have sex with 3 lovely ladies tomorrow!!! 😄👅💦💓 My job has some perks 😉

23:10, 06.11.2017

if you ordered something from my store on or before Friday,everything is being shipped out today!If it was after it will be end of the week!

22:23, 06.11.2017

White House black Market is evil and awesome...that’s all.

22:05, 06.11.2017

This is my ONLY official store http://t.co/eSOI9bbsGH If you buy anything from anywhere else, I can NOT guarantee it's authenticity!

17:39, 06.11.2017

Also while we are on the subject...I DO NOT use any texting/chat/call services. So if someone tries to sell you something, it's not me!

17:38, 06.11.2017

A lot of you have been emailing asking about Skype shows, I don't do them-sorry!

17:04, 06.11.2017

Looking back on the weekend like... http://t.co/mXeID7HnO6

11:35, 06.11.2017

This is heartbreaking-my thoughts are with my fellow Texans affected by this tragedy 😢 http://t.co/PmM2qcZDIh

01:06, 06.11.2017

You know you have small feet when you can pack your shoes in gallon size ziplock bags lol... I… http://t.co/RnlT0AStI4

23:47, 05.11.2017

I always feel better after I go to yoga! #mindbodysoul #yogi http://t.co/Q9NMyrJB82

22:02, 05.11.2017

I was finally able to get my hands on some world series gear...Still did not get a couple of the things I wanted but I’ll just order online.

19:50, 05.11.2017

Good Morning! http://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

18:33, 05.11.2017

When you’re asleep but feel someone watching you,waiting for you to wake up...daylight savings time-what’s that again? #momlife #TeamNoSleep

16:15, 05.11.2017

I refuse to go to the movies if it’s not playing at ipic...they have spoiled me! #champagneproblems http://t.co/QDT5ROeRUx

03:09, 05.11.2017

Thanks for hooking me up kicks.period Love my new sneakers! http://t.co/XkftDMlU3n

22:59, 04.11.2017

I’ve been on a burgundy kick lately... #manicure #pedicure #houstonnails #cateyenails http://t.co/pzgjM84hJm

22:29, 04.11.2017

My girl TT just opened her new nail studio called nails life studio and I just left there and got a fresh manicure and pedicure! Pic soon😘

22:08, 04.11.2017

It depends on the situation and who I’m with but in all honesty people need to respect boundaries and privacy! http://t.co/2EW0QyH2Wp

19:21, 04.11.2017

This is awesome! But only adopt if you are ready to commit to a pet for life!!! I love my rescues! http://t.co/cEFlZu8n5t

16:44, 04.11.2017

Yesssss! http://t.co/kUaocmAXUP

09:46, 04.11.2017

That too! http://t.co/3OGWeOu1qy

09:45, 04.11.2017

Alright y’all have a good evening always nice chatting with y’all...PS I’m going to LA next week so y’all know what that means 😉

09:43, 04.11.2017

Are you kidding...he beats me fair and square-like always ! http://t.co/GT0Ieo9xRn

09:39, 04.11.2017

My night ended by playing cards with the little man and ordering food and eating in bed 😀… http://t.co/tpGK1TbjME

09:22, 04.11.2017

Yes, I get recognized daily it goes with the territory and most people are super respectful especially in Houston! http://t.co/vQWmD9jg4D

08:50, 04.11.2017

This may come as a surprise to most of y’all but it’s true! My job requires me to be social but really I’m an intro… http://t.co/U9tDMH0cG8

08:43, 04.11.2017

A few of us were staying at the same hotel so we took the kids swimming after the parade and just hung out...just a cool chill vibe 😁

05:03, 04.11.2017

It was awesome to see my city come together in such a big way to celebrate our World Series champs! #ThankYouAstros #htown

05:01, 04.11.2017

I have to say I don’t like big crowds at all but I was genuinely surprised and super happy with 95% of the people I encounter today...

04:59, 04.11.2017

Now I’m watching the ceremony from the comfort of my hotel room because it was nuts down there! #htown #astros #earnedhistory

00:09, 04.11.2017

That parade was insane but also awesome! We had a cool group of peeps next to us! Now time to… http://t.co/2NAtENnjW9

23:48, 03.11.2017

Good Morning! It’s that time! ☕️ http://t.co/1MieBhXiEL

17:01, 03.11.2017

For my #footfetishnation here ya go 😜 #stockings http://t.co/H1ZnFpcqQY

08:52, 03.11.2017

Sweat dreams world... http://t.co/C9Uu1IAbmw

08:36, 03.11.2017

Thanks for all the advice and words of encouragement 😀 I am actually already in downtown and just staying put! Goodnight y’all!

06:04, 03.11.2017

Told lil man I would take him to parade &obviously I want to go but I’m already getting anxiety thinking about the crowd #introvertproblems

05:52, 03.11.2017

Who else can’t stop playing with this Snapchat filter? It is way too funny! http://t.co/wZcbNk85MW

05:42, 03.11.2017
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