Anna Shupilova
Anna Shupilova

Anna Supilova – slutty lady in age, which for several years successfully rotates in Russian pornography. Supilova difficult to name a real star, although she really Fucks well and knows how to please even the most fastidious and demanding males. Most often partners fucking much younger than her and Anna appears as if for them the teacher that sex is very much seen. Also sometimes Supilova dominates the partners and then Bang happens the way she wants to. But it is very important that in every single pornographic video, she is laid out in full. And she did not seem to matter who shoots it and how much it receives. Indeed, in really high quality strawberry Supilova not removed, its niche is Amateur and semi-professional pornography. Also because of their age often plays a trampy teachers, maids, housekeepers and so on. But in the end, with all its characters is the same, they are very powerful in chasing a middle-aged hole.

Specific biographical information about Anna a little, since our porn star don't like publicity. We do not live in America, and we did many people look, but not all this ready to confess. Therefore our porn Actresses don't like to be seen. But the most interesting fact about Superboy that "walks" on the Internet, is the moment that she was in some gear. The programs are ostensibly real, such as "dinner Party" and "Fashionable sentence". And there Anna was made under different names. In General, porn-diva participated in the deception of the audience. But to blame her for it, there is the fault of the creators of these programs. In the end Supilova learned lovers of strawberries and raised on the Internet a small rustle, which, in principle, to no avail.

At our site you can easily find different videos featuring slutty Anna. Supilova no longer a girl, but the strawberry she found her niche and became himself perfectly to make a great show. Fans of diverse sexual pleasures definitely will appreciate her debauchery.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: no especificado
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Russian Federation
  • Vídeos: 13
  • Altura: 175
  • Peso: 61
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