Aleksa Nicole
Aleksa Nicole

Aleksa Nicole – Busty lover to powerful members in all holes. Males love to give her a BDSM, tear up all the holes, off to drive in the throat and more. Dominated by her and being punished for accessibility and reliability. Pornographic role Nicole – bitch available, which is absolutely all you can do. Rollers with its participation – it is always a real hardcore, which is hot and coveted visible. Such porn is very popular, and it gave this popularity Aleksa Nicole.

Year of birth – 1987, city of orange (California, USA). Starring in pornography since 2009. Has starred in various parodies of the pornographic and the tapes from the series: anal Goddess, big holes, leaky anal and so on. In General, as Nicole began with the powerful pornography, as it it and remains. This keeps her at a good level, Aleksa Nicole was not used to moonlight, and any filming is laid out in full. It was noted that Alex often takes discipline, although the nature of her explosive and not the easiest. The very beautiful noted that because of this, many Studio with her continued cooperation, and were even partners who refused to play with her. Nicole tried to restrain myself, but to do so it does not always work. Because of this, her career was moving sharply up, then fell down, there was no stability, although the audience loved her and warmly welcomed. Also she had severe problems with alcohol, now the actress speaks openly about it, as she took several courses in rehabilitation. In General, only at first glance it seems that porno with the incomparable Alexis is all smooth and perfect, it is not so, but this chick has always solved their problems and then move on. And only she alone has made.

Now Aleksa Nicole is MILF, she does and does not see her life without hot strawberries. And its pages in social networks are full of candid photos. The popularity she already has, but as they say, it can never be a lot, always something more desirable. And we want Nicole went on to star and delighted us with powerful pleasures. On our website watch porn with her participation, it will be coveted with a large number of hot experiences.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 24.04.1987
  • Lugar de nacimiento: United States, Orange, California
  • Vídeos: 19
  • Altura: 155
  • Peso: no especificado
Aleksa Nicole en Twitter: itsaleksanicole

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Happy Pre New Years 2016! Toast to the past, chug the entire bottle for a lavish future!!

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03:15, 30.12.2015
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